2. Bear Silvershade: Symbolic Enigma

Symbolic Synergy explores the elements of Symbolism with Enigma, as exemplified by the work of Bear Silvershade.

Review work by Bear Silvershade2. Enigma

Mystery always attracts. Make a viewer question, and the viewer must comply. The greater the question, the longer the work will be appreciated. If the purpose of art is to make the audience think and feel, to react, it must present a question that has multiple answers. There must be more beyond the obvious. The most important questions never have easy answers. And, it is the important questions that inspire creation. Any work of art that has lasting political influence also has a great level of questioning, from Picasso’s “Guernica” mural to Daumier’s political cartoons to Michaelangelo’s “David,” there is something, beyond grasp, that makes the viewer come back for more. Perhaps the most iconic example of enigma is Da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa” that has intrigued generations with what seems like a hidden secret. Every work of art deserves being approached with an open, questioning mind. Every investigation begins with ‘what is this?’

“Trump” by Bear SilvershadeBear Silvershade encompasses a narrative in each work. Within his captured moments are an implied past and a predicted future. In “Trump,” this sailor has come into a safe bay. He is able to relax and enjoy a beautiful day as a reward for  his maritime efforts. The composition parallels the horizontal sailor with the confirmation of his boat awaiting nearby. Soon, he will break his trance of idyllic pleasure, and sail to the next destination. Never knowing if there will be storms or sunny days, this sailer takes advantage of the good times. Perhaps if the image were in color, the emphasis would be diluted. The lack of color places the boat, reflection, and figure in equal levels. There is a synergy presented in addition to the euphoric moment. Not only does man control water via the boat, he enjoys when the water is safely surrounded by vehicle and cove.

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Moondrift Tomorrow, “Globulus 7”
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