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The Sim Street Journal july 2013
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Avatars display rez dates in their Profiles with pride. Although Second Life® is celebrating ten years of existence, the “old-timer” residents include anyone older than 2008, with a large immigration wave in 2007. So when I arrived in 2009, there was already a society of old-timers. Admittedly, now it is nice to no longer be a “noob,” “newbie,” or even as naive. Three years in SL is an education about expectations, in-world realities, and how the first and the second lives mirror one another.

This issue of SSJ takes a look at the cultural sides of this momentum. The Linden Labs milestone inspires consideration: where SL currently excels and its direction, though few of us were around ten years ago. Nonetheless, all residents are delighted to celebrate with and for the Lindens! The contributors to the exhibition demonstrate this virtual momentum and define it best—from ”old-timer” perspectives.


The Sim Street Journal examines the relevance of this totally created world, and its potential impact, on the real one. It is impossible for so many talented, experimental, and tech savvy individuals to come together without having profound influence. Within its pages, SSJ will query what can be learned, gained, and used from the virtual commercial and cultural environments. Like its namesake, Wall Street JournalSSJ also seeks to bridge commerce and culture, but in this case, it is also between the virtual and the real.

Index of profiles, columns, and overviews:

“In-world to Out” examines why a second career is fulfilling for so many talented and visionary residents.
ISSUE 1: “Finding Purpose in the Virtual World
ISSUE 2: “Dancing with the Issues” by Uzo Dayafter (Arkad Baxton)

“Relevance Review” discovers what the virtual world has to offer the real one through sector perspectives.
ISSUE 1: “Music Renaissance
ISSUE 2: “Witness to the Virtual County Fair ” by Kalanite Bluestar
“Is the Future in the Past?” by Eleanor Medier

“Critic’s Choice: Artist” critiques artists by experts on the streets, to reveal first and second life balances.
ISSUE 1: “Blindboink Parham Preserves Legends

“Critic’s Choice: Venue” critiques presenters by those who know, to explore the challenges and bridges.
ISSUE 1: “Crossing Culture
ISSUE 2: “Blues Hues” by Kalanite Bluestar, includes:
• Jaco Fitzpatrick, Crossroads
• Yanik Lytton, Fogbound
• Caylene Linette, Cay’s Blues at Woodland Lake
• Van Hoffnung, Bagdad Café on Route 66

Moody’s Musical Musings” by Throughthesewalls Moody
ISSUE 1: Preview of upcoming column.
ISSUE 2: Economics of Musician Incomes

“The Aesthete and the Amateur” launches humorous gallery critiques.
ISSUE 1: “University of Western Australia 3D Art Challenges
ISSUE 2: “Rose Theatre and Galleries exhibits



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